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Solving Mindless and Repetitive Tasks, with Software Solutions.
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Our Beliefs
We believe that assisting the everyday worker with software solutions that allow them to spend their time on more complex tasks. From automated emails and reports, to data aggregation, we have solutions for your problems.

Who we are

We are two dudes in a basement. Just kidding, but not really. We are a group of worker bees who decided enough was enough with the monotonous tasks at of our places of work. We decided that there had to be another way, and turns out there is. Software automation is a hidden gem when it comes to time management. Let us show you how much time it can save you.

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What we do

We work with you or your team and come up with simple yet extremely helpful tools that will allow you to take back parts of the day that are lost to repetitive tasks. These tools are for both the largest of corporations, as well as the everyday worker. Our solutions are cost effective and do not "break the bank".

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